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Thank you for trusting, choosing and using the services of CONNECTION SOLUTION THNN company (VOIP24H for short). Please read this Agreement carefully before using or registering for the Services on this website. Because the content of the Agreement contains important information about the Terms and Conditions related to your legal rights and remedies for you in the process of using the service at VOIP24H.

Our website and the Services on the website are built and owned by Connect Solutions Co., Ltd. Your use of the website and the services described on the website  means that you agree to the contents set out in this Service Use Agreement (hereinafter referred to as abbreviated as follows: is “TTSD”). If you do not agree, please do not access our website and the Services on our website.

Based on business practice and the provisions of law, we have the right to edit, update, add or remove part or all of the TTSD terms and conditions without direct notice to the customer. you, but will post it publicly on our website.

You agree that if you continue to access our website and use the Service after the Terms of Use have been updated or supplemented, you will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to abide by the updated TTSD. . You should regularly check TTSD every time you visit the website and you can view the latest TTSD version at any time at:

In the event that one or more of the provisions of this Agreement of Use conflict with the provisions of the law and are declared invalid by the Court, such provision shall have no effect and shall be amended to conform with the provisions of this Agreement. required by applicable law, the remainder of the Terms of Use will remain in full force and effect.

Article 1: Interpretation of words

“VOIP24H”: Connection Solution Co., Ltd.

“We”: VOIP24H and its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and related companies, affiliated organizations, officers, employees, representatives, partners and organizations licensee of VOIP24H.

“You”, “Customer”, “Customer”: The person accessing this website and/or legally purchasing and using the products and services provided by VOIP24H and having the ownership rights to the products. Services purchased and owned by themselves in accordance with current law.

“Email”, “Mail”: An abbreviation of the word “Electronic Mail” in English. Translated into Vietnamese means “E-mail”. Email (or Mail) is a means used to send or receive content and exchange information on the internet.

“Admin”: Admin is an acronym for the word “Administrator” which means manager, administrator, administrator. This is the administrator’s highest authority when used on storage systems or system administrators.

“Download”: Is downloading data from the internet to the computer.

“File”: A file named and stored in storage devices such as hard disk, floppy disk, USB, CD, DVD, …

“License Key”: Is the code (or key) of the copyrighted software provided by the software manufacturer. During installation or use, if it has not been activated, the software forces you to activate the software to continue using it.

VOIP24H’s services are products and services listed on this website (hereinafter referred to as services for short).

Article 2: Prohibited acts when accessing the website and/or using the service:

2.1 You use the purchased service for any purpose, in any form that violates the laws of Vietnam.

2.2 You use the service to or may cause harm to minors in any way.

2.3 You send, link or transit data that is illegal, prohibited by the State from being disseminated, or contains content that is threatening, inciting, slanderous, misleading, hateful, or divisive. solidarity, violation of fine customs, obscenity, insulting honor, reputation of individuals or organizations, disclosure of state secrets, military secrets, security, economic, foreign affairs and secrets otherwise prescribed by law in any form prohibited by Vietnamese law.

2.4 You store or transmit data that may constitute or encourage any form of illegality; or commit acts of infringing upon copyright, intellectual property rights or infringing upon business secrets, infringing upon the legitimate rights of other individuals and organizations.

2.5 You upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise any material that contains software viruses or other computer codes, files or programs designed designed to interfere with, destroy, or limit the functions of computer hardware or software or telecommunications equipment.

2.6 You commit fraudulent acts or acts contrary to the provisions of this agreement or relevant laws with respect to the websites and addresses of the service providers associated with us.

2.7 You impersonate yourself to any other person or entity, including, but not limited to, any official, forum leader, guide, moderator or employee of ePacific, or propagate falsely or by misrepresenting the identity of another person or entity.

2.8 You engage in conduct that interferes with or disrupts the Service or other people’s use of the Service, servers or networks associated with the Service; does not follow the requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of the networks connected to the service.

2.9 You violate the policies on spamming according to Decree 90/2008/ND-CP dated August 13, 2008 of the Government on anti-spam or legal documents at the time of implementation. send spam (

2.10 You violate the current regulations of the Ministry of Information and Communications as well as the current regulations of Vietnamese law on illegal acts on the internet.

Article 3: Rights and obligations of customers

3.1 As a customer, you have full rights and obligations of the service hirer – as stipulated in the Civil Code and Commercial Law of Vietnam and other relevant laws.

3.2 You must have the legal status and capacity under the law to enter into a contract with VOIP24H. You commit not to be a person who has lost or restricted his civil act, is bound to a third party, related to a judgment or decision of a competent state agency or is prohibited from performing civil transactions. related to the services of VOIP24H. Commitment not to use the information and violate the rights of any third party in registering to use VOIP24H’s services or in providing information to VOIP24H and using the registered service unless permission of third parties and are solely responsible for their own unauthorized use of information.

3.3 You are responsible for providing information upon request from VOIP24H’s request for information verification and must be solely responsible before the law for the purpose of use and the accuracy of the information provided by you. , ensure the registration and use of the service in accordance with the law, without infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of other organizations and individuals. In case there is a change in information, you do not notify VOIP24H within 07 days from the date of change, or do not respond to VOIP24H’s request for information verification within 15 days from the date of change. If notice is received, VOIP24H reserves the right to suspend or cancel your registration.

3.4 You are the person who directly manages and maintains the right to use your services, is solely responsible for the consequences that may arise in case you violate the regulations on using the services, or the lax management caused and must honestly and fully provide information of the subjects licensed by you within 07 days from the date of request. The determination of who is responsible for the damage caused by the misuse of the domain name will be based on the information you have provided to VOIP24H. Therefore, you must commit to providing accurate information of the third party and have the permission of the third party with the information in this article.

3.5 If the customer is an enterprise or organization, You and the authorized staff are responsible for keeping the password and account information confidential, jointly responsible for the activities that take place through the use of the password or your account.

3.6 You are solely responsible for all content stored on VOIP24H’s servers.

3.7 You are solely responsible for taking measures to prevent any damage or destruction to the server’s content or resources.

3.8 You must understand and agree that the hosting services of VOIP24H are backed up for the purpose of recovering from technical, infrastructure, equipment damage and not for the purpose of providing a copy to client. Therefore, it is your responsibility to periodically perform backups of all your data stored on VOIP24H’s servers and keep it safe. VOIP24H is in no way responsible for any loss, damage, damage or error related to your data.

3.9 You must keep your login account information secure when using the service at VOIP24H.

3.10 You are responsible for complying with regulations and policies on software copyright, copyright, invention rights, patents, etc. when using services at VOIP24H.

Article 4: Rights and responsibilities of ePacific

4.1 As a service provider, VOIP24H has all the rights and obligations of the service provider as prescribed in the Civil Code, Commercial Law and other relevant laws.

4.2 VOIP24H is committed to supporting customers to use products and services provided by them during the time customers use VOIP24H’s services. All your rights and obligations will be based on the registered account information, so if there is any false information, VOIP24H will not be responsible in case that information affects or limits your rights. your interests, and will not actively process data changes if you provide inappropriate or accurate information.

4.3 Receive and resolve customer complaints related to services and service quality arising in the process of using VOIP24H products and services provided that customers have provided full information, truthfully and exactly – according to the provisions of Article 3 above.

4.4 VOIP24H is responsible for taking precautions to secure data against loss, misuse, unauthorized access or destruction of data. VOIP24H reserves the right to ask you to cooperate in verifying information if it is suspected that the information provided is incorrect or has forged information.

4.5 Depending on the severity and nature of the customer’s violation, VOIP24H has the right to unilaterally suspend, cancel, terminate the service provision in accordance with Article 8 of this policy and/or refer the case to

Article 5: Regulations on payment

5.1 By registering to use the service, you agree to comply with our payment guidelines.

VOIP24H cannot and will not be responsible or liable for any consequences or damages arising from your failure to fully comply with this payment provision.

5.2 VOIP24H will issue an electronic invoice after receiving full payment from you and the service is activated successfully.

Article 6: Regulations on service extension

6.1 You or a service manager appointed by you (for businesses, organizations) is responsible for proactively monitoring information about the operational status, validity of products and/or services registered to use at VOIP24H.

6.2 The renewal of service use is only possible when VOIP24H receives the full service fee. The renewal will be completed within 01 day from the time VOIP24H receives the full renewal service fee.

6.3 Customers actively contact VOIP24H and proceed with the extension and payment of service fees according to the following regulations:

Extension of switchboard service, number prefix.

All other services not mentioned above – pay the service fee 10 days before the expiration date.

6.4 VOIP24H cannot and will not be responsible or liable for any consequences or damages arising from your failure to comply with this provision.

Article 7: Suspension and termination of service use

7.1 The service provided by VOIP24H will be automatically terminated/suspended according to the agreement of the two parties or until the contract expires.

7.2 VOIP24H has the right to suspend the performance of the contract or unilaterally terminate the service contract in the following cases:

7.2.1 You have violated the provisions of Article Last: Terms of service of TTSD in the process of using our products and services.

7.2.2 You do not cooperate and do not respond to coordinate additional documentation required under Article 3.6 of this TTSD.

7.2.3 You do not renew and pay the overdue service fees for VOIP24H within 15 days from the time of service expiration. VOIP24H is not responsible for handling the above cases of non-payment or overdue payment.

7.3 Before terminating the service, you must be responsible for moving all data stored on VOIP24H’s servers yourself. These data will be deleted prior to service termination and we will not be able to provide a backup of these data.

7.4 For Trial (Trial) or Free (Free) services: As soon as the service ends, all these products and associated services and data (if any) will be destroyed or withdrawn. .

Article 8: Regulations on supplementing and adjusting customer information during service use

8.1 The adjustment of customer information will be done within 24 hours from the time VOIP24H receives the information requesting modification and adjustment of information by email: VOIP24H cannot and will not be responsible for, nor indemnify, for any consequences or damages arising from your failure to comply with this provision.

8.2 The information requested to be amended or adjusted includes:

8.2.1 Subject and subject’s information (contact address, phone, name …) is incorrect or incomplete.

8.2.2 Service parameters are not as described on website:

8.2.3 Other service retention times are incorrect.

8.2.4 Paid and provided complete registration information but did not receive a confirmation mail that the service has been successfully registered.

Article 9: Customer support

9.1 VOIP24H is not responsible for responding to inquiries or complaints from third parties regarding your use of the service. VOIP24H is also not responsible for responding to inquiries or complaints regarding third party services you are using.

9.2 VOIP24H provides technical support services to your designated manager in accordance with the support guidelines applicable to the Service.

9.3  Before submitting a technical support request, it is your responsibility to back up your data, attempt to fix errors yourself, check for technical problems, functionality, test network connections… VOIP24H just continues Receive technical support requests through 2 channels: Hotline 1900 2000 and website:

Article 10: Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranty

10.1 In any case, VOIP24H is not responsible for the devices and machines that you use to access our call center page such as: Access equipment, transmission equipment. When using the service, you must equip yourself with the necessary machinery and equipment for the login and transmission process and you must bear all the responsibility and costs incurred during the use.

10.2 VOIP24H does not guarantee the exclusion of factors harmful to your use of the service, including but not limited to the following: intentional infringement and damage from third parties, or Viruses . We do not guarantee the delivery of the service without any malfunction, malfunction or other impact.

10.3 VOIP24H does not guarantee to perform data recovery when infected by viruses or delete viruses and other harmful factors when problems occur. Customers must agree to make regular backups of all data stored on VOIP24H’s servers, especially before requesting technical support from us. VOIP24H will not be responsible for data loss or any damage related to customer data.

10.4 VOIP24H does not guarantee nor is responsible for any loss of data during the process of supporting customers to transfer data from another server or from another place to VOIP24H’s server.

10.5 There may be factors beyond our control that lead to product failure. We will try to fix product defects to bring satisfaction to customers, but we are not responsible for supporting or compensating customers for the above risks and damages (if any).

10.6 You agree to defend, indemnify and exclude Us from all legal liabilities, proceedings, losses and expenses including but not limited to court fees, attorneys’ fees, and related consultants’ costs. to the settlement of or arising from your breach in the course of using our products.

10.7 You understand and agree that We will not be liable for damages and consequences arising out of it (including but not limited to damages to profits, reputation, use of data or other intangible damages (even if We have advised you of the possibility of such damages)) from: (i) VOIP24H services, materials and products; (ii) usability or unusability of the service; (iii) unauthorized access to or modification of the data or information you transmit; (iv) the actions of any third party on the service; (v) products or messages sent or received using the service; or (vi) any other matter relating to the services, materials or products.

Article 11: Confidentiality of customer information

VOIP24H respects your privacy and takes your information seriously. We will collect and use your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy outlined in the Privacy Policy

Article 12: Free Service

To the extent permitted by law and operating in accordance with the law, VOIP24H may provide one or more services free of charge to users. Free service coverage is at the discretion of VOIP24H.

All intellectual property rights existing in VOIP24H products and services belong to VOIP24H or are legally licensed for our use, whereby all legal rights are guaranteed. Except with VOIP24H’s consent, you may not upload, post, publish, reproduce, transmit or distribute in any way, any component of VOIP24H’s products or services.

When files, images, software, programs created by VOIP24H are in downloadable condition, we allow you to use to a limited extent non-commercial purposes, but this permission does not means that VOIP24H has allowed you to exploit the copyright. You may not download files for reproduction, posting, announcement, transmission, or distribution. In addition you must follow other instructions we establish when you want to use these files.

The user is solely responsible for the information obtained when accessing the Website. We are not responsible for any guarantee as to the source of the information and the accuracy and integrity of such content.

You may stop using our Services at any time. VOIP24H will constantly change and improve its Services. We will notify you in a reasonable time in advance when there is a change or improvement in the functionality of our service.

Final Terms: Terms of Service

We ensure that the provisions and policies in the terms are set out to protect the interests of users with the right purpose, while aiming at service quality and long-term stability. Policies also aim to prevent abusive or illegal behavior.


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